This is the new day. A day of change. A day of hope. A day of faith. A day of salvation. Listen carefully. Don’t take Christian’s Music lightly. It will touch the hearts of many, and sooth the souls of many more. Are you ready to explore?

Escape from the past. Exit the world. Enter the Kingdom. Prepare for the promises and the never-ending gifts. Be relentless. Be who God intends you to be. Let go of yourself. And grab onto to the hand of the one who understands you entirely. You have bled and you have been broken. Now, it is time for a little remedy. It is time to be healed. It is time to be fixed.

Do you want to be put back together? Want to have all the pieces in place? In the new year you need to get fed, hold on & be strong. What you really need is………….


Chris Treborn relocated from the Northern California because a change in life was important. Instead of just performing and recording, Chris Treborn decided to flee fortune. Leaving all his material blessings behind, he knew he needed to pursue God more. More than ever before. The fast pace lifestyle was just too tedious, too trendy, and very much like a slow form of suicide.

It’s not just the passion for the music, but the passion to exclaim the truth! It is the passion to personify the very thing which has kept him alive – Chris Treborn’s relationship with Jesus Christ. Although he hasn’t always practiced Christian Values, he has struggled and seen both sides of the spectrum from the good, to the bad, to the ugly. He has always felt like he is a messenger of the good word, a positive message. As a sower of moral fiber, Chris Treborn knows he needs to stay inspirational and encouraging through his music, and his life.

Chris Treborn’s musical style is a combination of Rhythm and Poetry & Hip-Hop with a side of digital music composition including Trip-Hop blended together with Ambient sounds to allow the message to penetrate your heart like a Surgeon as he uses his tools.

Look at it like this….
Christian is the Surgeon and his Lyrics are his instruments or his tools to accomplish the procedure. His Music is the anesthesia to subdue the patients so he can heal them through medical treatment.

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